Lest We Never Forget!

Lest we forget…70 years ago, our parents, grandparents and great grandparents were fleeing war torn countries because of WWI and WWII.  President Woodrow Wilson proudly said, “The war to end war” (sometimes called “The war to end all wars”). Oh how we believed him!

I have graciously listened to wonderful stories about courage, kindness, interconnectedness and charity. These were the things that help rebuild the world after such devastation. I have enjoyed listening to stories of street parties and sharing rations, receiving stockings and chocolate from wartime sweethearts, alongside gratefulness at being alive and celebrating freedom from war.

I too have heard stories of children been sent upon ships to distance countries, crossing borders with the taste of fear in their bellies but courage on their tongues. Surviving concentration camps where a daily routine was facing the sharp end of the barrel of a gun. Starvation, humiliation and unspeakable disgraceful acts again another human being….it never ceased to fill my heart with enormous amounts of sadness and my mind unfathomable thoughts….as a one worded question slides off my tongue “WHY?”

So in actually fact, our parents, grandparents and great grandparents were refugees at the time. Therefore, before we spout self-righteous ignorant comments about these homeless, staving, beautiful innocent people whose only crime was the colour of their skin or the country they were born in.  Before we sit in our warm houses and judgementally accuse them of wanting to steal our jobs and take away our homes.

Please remember one simple fact: if it was not for the compassion shown buy those whom protected, hid and look after our forefathers and mothers in times of war.  Well, if truth be told, none of us would be here to tell this tale.

We never know when the shoe will be on the other foot once again, as war continually lingers in the air, albeit an unmentionable utter.  Think with kindness, speak with compassion and charity, and open up your heart with love for these are PEOPLE we are talking about.  People who hold feelings such as ours, must have their basics needs met, needs, similar to our own needs, and they too have families, loved ones whom they are trying to save and protect.

If you cannot do that then please hold your silence, as not all of us feel the same way….respect and peace MM c2015 x


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