Gypsy Rosa

She held jewels

locked deeply

inside her heart

a collection of

kindness and


she loved

the beautiful creatures

in their entirety

her gentleness

was sought after by

men who would creep

as thieves in the night

stealing away her treasure

she welcomed these

lost and lonely

souls as she

believed they came

with meaningful intention

oh innocent Gypsy Rosa

could you not have

listened when they

forgot to mention

they came to watch

you bleed

a band of thieves

consumed by lustful

desires, unfulfilled needs

jealous and anger

narcissist greed


she would help them heal

as they saw her brightness

she changed their darkness

into magnificent lightness

regaining a sense of being real

remembering how is was to feel.

One day a King

heard of the myth

upon his stallion he rode

miles and miles

he searched for her

his horse was very old

countless footmen

followed him carrying

his kingdom’s riches

diamonds and gold

an exchange

for the emptiness he held

inside his broken heart

wounds he worn as chains

heaviness surrounded

his lonely nights and daytime too

since his Queen had died

he lost a part

of his existence

he remained forever blue

Gypsy Rosa wore a face

which turned men’s

hearts to stone

she may have held

a precious heart

but beauty she did not own

the King was blinded by

his grief so he saw only

her light

from the moment she first

spoke to him

he developed a newly

found insight

his heart burst open

he fell to his knees

“Gypsy Rosa, please

be mine”

“Until I came across your heart

mine felt as if it was dying”

she took his hand with

gentle grace and led

him back to his land

“I cannot marry you

most beautiful King”

“One day, you will


the king returned

to his throne

a compassionate

loving man

he ruled his kingdom

with loving kindness

all part of the

greater plan

every now and then

he felt the darkness

but he never lost

his sight

he would recall her


divine intervention

the beauty he met

that night.


MedusaMoon c2015


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