Black Swan

The Black Swan

she held a heart

darker than her

feathers shone

gracefully gliding

upon the pond

she was the

only one

surrounded by

the White Swans

whom wore a

brighter colour



she observed

them play

in pairs with

one another



with her they

did not bother

as she was different

yes, she was strange

her sister and


felt the same

as days turned

into nights

months become

lost years

her loneliness

would consume her

battling to hold

back her tears

winter came

ice would form

a crust upon the


the hard coldness

of the ice

reflected how was

was feeling inside

her heart become

a mirror to the


incapable of feeling

impossible to melt

this hurt she tried

to hide

upon a eve

decisions made

knowing she did not belong

she waited for the ice

to melt

formulate a stream

an arrow to follow

away she swam

in an instance

she was gone

against the bitter cold

ice storms and

the freezing wind

none of this

tormenting conditions

were as brutal as

the banishment



that had become

her norm

sailing to a

faraway land

her past she began

to morn

along her path within

silent mediation

an epiphany arose

maturity had graced her

knowledge and wisdom

it was time

for her to be alone

following her own

road suddenly an



a realisation rose

White Swan have their path

now it was time

to follow mine

she found comfort

in knowing that

the deepest love

she shall ever receive

was the love of

the Divine

this universal

love she sought

was inside

all the time

her heart soften

her smile shone

her reflection

caught by the light

into the lake

she glanced

to her amazement

her feather

had all turned white.

MedusaMoon c2015



  1. Its the story of “Ugly Duckling”…very touching..many of us may identify ourselves with the ugly duckling..the black swan in this poem!

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