Festive Season Message

You see my God is no different

to the God you worship

we may call the divine

by many a name

but the message that we all seek

well, it is pretty much the same

I read the scripts in my search for truth

in mindless mediation

I begged God, give me proof

send me a message to

show that I am special

I want to be the one

to hold as much holiness

as your begotten son

I want to talk to angels

converse with the dead

I bet God looked down on me

and thought she is out of her head

please do not think I am mocking

no, I write this with compassion

you see the truth is religion

is going out of fashion

the reason is plain to see

as to why we are disowning our faith

losing touch with the word

as man has decided

to go from the ridiculous to the absurd

man’s dogmatic version of the

truth is manipulation

as we use religion

to control God’s creation

to decide who can worship

on my land

as I steal from the poor

while I cut off a thief’s hand

I preach

love thy neighbour

then go beat my own wife

spout out an-eye-for-an-eye

whilst I take away human life

God is not angry or

violent or cruel

no, God, is not the fabrication

that they taught me at school

God is kind and forgiving

as she understands my

journey, my plight

God was the one who carried my soul

through the long dark night

God is everywhere

anywhere we chose God to be

God is light, God is love

it is man whom refuses to see

we are all one

connected to this

spirit we call the divine

so let’s stop war and destruction

as this is a crime

from where I am sitting

your God is the same light

as mine.

MedusaMoon c2015


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