Enlightening Springtime

If they could only see

her tenderness

if they were able to

grasp the extent

in which she felt hurt

if they could understand

the loneliness

her inability to open up

a broken heart

held together by

the remnants of lovers past

sitting in her corner

watching other flowers

swaying in the breeze

oh how she long for

the freedom

just to be

imprisoned by fear

past has a weight

so hard to shift

moving mountains

may have been an

easier task

she wrapped herself

in snow flakes

as the coldness that

they showed

burnt her skin

a rabbit hole became

her haven

as she withdrew

deeply within

falling into a profound sleep

many a season

did come and go

as long as she kept

real quiet

no-one would truly know

where she lay

dreaming of a world

where everyone

was kind and true




love between

me and you

alas, she knew

her fantasy was


she understood

the nature of ego

how it cause humans

so much misdirected

angst and suffering

she too had be

attached to the pain

if life itself

deep breathing become

her solace

mindful meditation

a daily routine

these where the elements

that kept her sane

one spring time

she woke to hear

a sound outside

the sun had poked

through the hard crust

suddenly, she felt alive

she rose with elegance

and dignity

I hear you God

as you speak to me

with the essence of nurture

the beauty around

she gazed up at the sky

listened to the sound

of nature

as it sang her a lullaby

her heart become whole

as she start to cry

she wept a river

tear streaming down her face

but these where tears of

joy as she had just

felt God’s grace

for the very first time.

MedusaMoon c2015



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