Today I am grateful for truth!

On the eve of a day in which we celebrate the coming of the Prophet Jesus Christ, I have a message I would like to share. Let us not forget the many Prophets that have come before and after Jesus, alongside the ones that will still arise and the ones that will be made to fall due the ignorance of man.

When I read the truth, if I read it with a heart full of anger and vengeance, then I will hear only my own reflection within the truth, I will hear anger and vengeance. However, if I read the words written by the Prophets with loving kindness and compassion, then I will see the word of God created in its authenticity and grace.  Hey please don’t think I am free of anger, jealousy, vengeance, lust, greed and ego, ego, ego. Hell no, I am a woman and human, so I know that my shadow is equally as dark as any other being.

What the truth has taught me is to become the watcher of the shadow, to befriend that part of my self, so I notice when I am acting out in egocentric behaviours. I try to be self-aware so I can see when my self-righteous indignation is stomping so loud that it practically annihilates anyone standing too close for comfort. As for the seven, eleven, five hundred deadly sins, well, I have every single tea-shirt and will probably bang my head against heaven’s door with countless confessions whilst seeking absolution.  You see, that is the difference, we need to be compassionate to our human elves (no selves) and not think we need retribution, punishment, the whip to break my back and the scars to be constantly picked so they fester and bleed me to death.  God is kindness, forgiveness, compassion and has a wicked sense of humour.

So I implore you on this eve, before the dawning of another new year, forgive yourself, be kind to yourself, learn self-compassion instead of creating another list of unrealistic self-punishing resolutions. May the biggest gift you give yourself this year be LOVE.  Peace and thank you for allowing me to be me. MM xxx


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