Her expectations may have been

too unrealistic

as the pedestal she held him on

came crumbling down

Knights refusing to dance

without removing their armour

the King will always hide

behind the jewels

neatly placed upon his arrogrant crown

be mindful, echoes heard

she is going to cut herself

on his over inflated lance

she collected tiny

fragments of broken glass

as her slipper was

thrown against the wind

dressed in silver and gold

satin and beautiful lace

her humiliation on the

dance floor where she lay

tears streaming down

her mascara free face

her vulnerability was released

so her courage comforted her

painful uncomfortable disgrace

how many wallflowers

require to encompass

more unnecessary toxic shame

ladies in waiting snigger behind

paper thin walls

hot gossiping breath

whispering her name


her fall from grace

dissociation to tolerate

abusive tormenting exhale

floating out of body experience

her ability to numb out

the pain

who was the man

his dignity, bravery

outshine the Knights

with their polished egos

as he walk over to where

Cinders lay and lifted

her off the dirty floor

held her hand lead her to out

the dance hall’s wide open door

shivering stood outside

in the pouring rain

he asked her kindly

please tell me your name

she whispered it is Rosebud

he smiled at her knowingly

then place Cinders into his

carriage whilst he instructed

the rider to take

her wherever she

needed to be

Cinders pondered for

a moment or two

please take me to

the forest behind the mountain

where the trees are green

sky is blue

she wanted to make a wish

a penny for the fountain

her father owned

a cottage deep inside

the darkest wood

the haven belonged

to her mother

it was her escape

to lighten her mood

from the stresses

of Queenhood

a sanctuary from the King

for he was blinded

by his riches

held not real

substance within

Cinders never understood

her mother’s sudden flights

the need to run away

in the middle of

temper filled nights

one day you will

understand my child

when you are the Queen

of this land

just as your mother

your passion runs wild

woman are not allowed

to be anything but

obedient and must behave

you will need enormous

amounts of courage

to be extremely brave

the objectification of woman

the image held on a man’s mind

is a struggle for a girl

the more gentle

compassionate and kind

those of us wanting to be real

the Queen had to be

diplomatic and regal

she was not allowed to feel

Cinders arrived at the cottage

her mother’s presence

had not left the room

Cinders broke down

her unresolved grieve released

she wept until slumber

magical dreams surrounded

her long darkest night

the King, Knight and wallflowers

all merged into one

Cinder’s gained innermost insight

her journey began to unfold

seeing everything differently

all she had been taught seemingly surreal

those mutterings countless things

she had been told

meaningless chatter

insignificant natter

things that really did not matter

Cinder’s heart found

incredible lightness

for the first time she slept

morn arrived

the sun created a

significant brightness

she had come home

she no longer felt

as if she was alone

there is a tale

a saga that I shall unfold

once upon a time

there was a girl name

Cinders, so we are told

but I

am just a woman

who is


getting old.

MedusaMoon c2015



  1. This one has captured me and i have read it a couple of times. She has always been one of my favourite fairy-tale soul-mates… You did her proud!

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