Letting Go!

Lustful blindness

he chose not to see her

held a construction

a concept of whom

he wanted her to be

they reached the

pointlessness of no return

different space

led to a dissimilar choices

he just left

she walked away

look deeply inside

amidst her aching heart

there you will find

the real she

so vulnerable

mostly fragmented

this is how she chooses

to be

tender, sensitive

emotionally alive

but do not think

that she cannot cope

she is stronger than most

as she has died a million times

love affairs are pointless distractions

romantic fantasies

disappointing disillusions

unfulfilled unrealistic


it is now too late

she no longer searched

for his tender embrace

screaming out loudly

breaking down these walls

causing an affray

another melodramatic disgrace

why did he insist on punishing

her for her inability

to be just another pretty

meaningless face

her thoughts they count too

her feelings are equally as

important as his anarchistic

avoidance of her truth

stripping away the remainders

of her dignity and grace

she needed him to

lay down next to her

hold onto her brokenness

cover her with tenderness

she wanted to feel

his hand trace the scars

all over the face

her body was bruised

she felt so dissuaded

accepting that is was

just not his place

nor his role to heal her

thus reinventing her ‘self’

she sat in silence

deep meditation

onto another plane

profound contemplation

the loss of his relationship

granted her braver moments

to outweigh the hurtfulness

no real evidence

actions scream louder

words are completely meaningless

unless support by

compassionate intention

not to mention

unconditional love

her search for prove

the love she needed to

help her heal from the

painfulness of loneliness

the emptiness of life

the meaninglessness

of insignificance

radical truthfulness

overwhelming waves

of emotions

attachment leads to suffering

avoidance leads to addiction

acceptance thereby lays

the answer she sought

accepting each feeling

as a natural process

allowing the ebb and flow

acknowledging the letting go

a new meaningfulness arose

in its complete simplicity

understanding was born

letting go of the past

a past she felt ready to mourn.

MedusaMoon c2015



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