Siren’s Song

She held a pocket full

of men thick as thieves

men whom worshipped

at her gate

shipped wrecked at the

edge of her beauty

alas these merry men

where all too late

moulds alongside gold

laid scatted at her

tiny bare feet

shape shifters

ghosts swimming in

the misty sea air

sailors with their

battered hearts crushed

against razor sharp rocks

many a tale had been spoken

of the destroyed hearts

which lay broken

at the shoreline of

her scarlet gown

she sang the siren’s song

a wailing into the night

as she stood on the shore

helplessly watching men drown

gifts of diamonds, silver

countlessly disregarded

treasure chests

sharks swimming around

in meaningless cycles

whilst desperately clinging

to her amble breasts

mermaids sang the

siren song

ringing out a warning beware

confess your love for her

our mistress whom is so fair

as she laughs at the sound

of empty trumpets blown

by men whom adore

the lady stood waiting

on a distance shore

a bright new light awakens

she watches its dawning

she shakes her long red

locks of seaweed hair

she entices every man

without a single care

to dance with her

if they dare

to try to capture her


the chains of time

cut deep into her

irony flesh

time was her crime

all she had was time

inside she wore

the siren’s song

saddest notes engraved

upon her lost soul

the constant

relentless remainder

on these reckless shores

she does not belong

imprisoned by a man

who tried to steal her

essence to behold

the rejection of his advances

led to a reduction in

the many chances

she had of growing gracefully old

his wrath placed on her head

he showed her no sympathy

enslaved her onto

the hardest stone

upon the roughest seaside

insisting that she would

remain captive in full sight

a possession held close

to his dark side

possessed by narcissistic

brutal controlling pride

injudicious in his choice

slowly watching

as she died

loneliness her eternal companion

isolation crept into every pore

silent screams

broken dreams

until she could withstand no more

she called upon Neptune

as she heard he was a saviour

punish this King for his

outspoken behaviour

Neptune replied

“Sorry dear, this is not

my plight,

I cannot engage within

your lover’s fight”

“Why not communicate

what it is that you want

I ensure you his rage

is only a front”

“Look behind his mask

he wears it so well

open your heart

thus you break the spell”

as she watch Neptune depart

her own fury raged

how can I love him

when he has me caged

she would not conform

into what he wanted her to be

nor did she understand

why he could not set her free

love is insensitive

love is blind

love is reckless

love is unkind

she held a love for the depth

of the bluest sea

it was a magnificent ocean

she watched its ebb and flow

the waves of emotion

she decided on that day

that she would rather die

in solitude all alone

than live inside a palace

a million miles from home.

MedusaMoon c2015


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