Midnight Blues

As I write this

I ponder

why am I still haunting

a loss that was not worth a gain

sometimes the end of the affair

takes a life time to complete

the memories remain

as I walk down this lonely street

I deicide to be real

to confess that my love for you

will break the back of a hopeless heart

I am forever blue

even though I felt you

never understood my essence

as you offered me your rage

I still loved you

please tell your ego

to get back into its cage

do you know

what is the most craziest thing of all

you will probably read this

and think less of me

when all I even wanted

was to be set free

so I summons up all the courage

I hold within my distorted heart

if you ever learn to meet me for who I am

I would like to meet you again

they say I own the most romantic heart

I say

every day I fall apart

but you know how that feels

because I see your inner pain

sometimes I feel as if I am going insane

I take my leave

a love to grieve

I love you more than I ever said

and tonight

for some reason

I cannot get you out of my head

there I said it out loud

my only regret

I wish I never sent this letter

because I doubt you

would understand

I hear your echo

is she not over this yet?

MedusaMoon c2015


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