Stream Train Crashes

For him


was not a walk in the park

his nights

held a darkness

his days

were completely stark

the razor edge

of existence

full of painful

unresolved resolutions

each moment

the hour glass

of time

ran though his veins

he battled

to stay alive

the ticking

of his youthful clock

raced forward

towards completion

stream trains

racing inside

a disturbed mind

kindness of others

seemingly unkind

hopefulness had become

a stranger

overwhelming shame

place him in danger

of taking his own life


held meaning


a constant reality

the room became

so cold

his desperation

remained untold

onto others

the ones who

played a vicious game

monster residing

inside his head

unable to tame

as heavy as lead

the chains he

wore around his


restrained by

hopeless sighs

lack of compassion

misshapen lies

by those stood

close to watch

him try

stand up again

false hope

dripping courage

onto bruised skin

he was no longer

able to cope

his exit planned

another year

too painful

to behold

wail of helplessness

a cry of his wildness

never to grow old

lack of understanding

gross mistrust


by those

he was meant

to trust

a decision made

in moment’s haste

he was tired of

the distasteful

everlasting scorn

last words spoken

why was I born?

MedusaMoon c2016


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