Princess Lela




sweet dreams


candy skies


her sleepy blue eyes

rose petals

rosy cheeks

bumble bees

in flight

hot September morn

cold November night

romantic dances

candle light

flickering against

a pastel wall


my heart

tumble and fall

sensual kisses

gentle against

her tender skin

hardy contain

the energy within


her blond hair

empty corridors

her vacant stare

out the window

a penny

for her dreaming

icicles on

glass frame

winter sun

brightly beaming

wild wind whispers

her name

his wildness

she can tame

with just one

note from

her beautiful heart

I guess he loved her

most deeply

right from the

very straight

the moment

she glanced his way

stars explored

head swimming

fumbling for


words to say

his expression

wearing thin

trying to disguise

Chester cat grin

sexy smile

arose upon

her ruby lips

admiring the way

she slowly sips

her ice tea

treasure moments

picture postcards


she is the one

to complete me.

MedusaMoon C2016


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