Her sentimentally seemed

to challenge his core

her need to be heard

created a monster

banging on

his self-righteous door

her need for expression

seemingly activating

his morning glory

he refused to see

the energy she held

within her story

forcing his testosterone

onto her alleged protesting

song sang sweetly

what a waste

he responded with

an element of

egotistical distaste

silence is golden

woman may be


but not heard

remove those balls

young lady

do not utter

a single word

no justification

no equal rights

stepping outside

your feminist station

will be met with

school yards fights

the boys in the hood

rule this patch

woman are never as good

they are not a match

for the machoism

men freely create

woman are the fairer sex

but there is no fair

between male sexism

and lesbian hate

a woman whom

refuses the advances

of a man

will be denounced

a woman’s right

to say no

may lessens her chances

of sitting at the

round table of male chauvinism

woman can be used

men whom dump their

suppressed Oedipus complex

onto a woman

dressed in scarlet

woman may be abused

dare she stand up

to be counted

she will be duly

violently mounted

as the fear in his pants

crashes his manhood

the girl in the courtyard

never really stood

a goddamn chance

her femininity

crushed by industry

porcelain dolls will break

plastic dolls are fake

siren’s echo in deserted

doll houses locked

the key is on the inside

if the Knights control

the land and sea

where will this

fair maiden hide

sexualisation from the

ripe old age of five

Venus wept

Medusa shook her

serpent locks

as long as men

are controlled by clocks

the Goddesses will

live in a tower blocks

darning never-ending

pairs of dirty socks

the Queens have

lost their thrones

woman endless

groans and moans

but the power

women withhold

the sorceress

placed her magic

deep into the earth

granting woman

the right to

child birth.

MedusaMoon c2016


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