Never Forgotten –

In loving memory of Stuart Whitehouse RIP 2008.

A beautiful mind

crushed by iron fists


from the age on five

the development

of his intellect

suppressed by others

whom chose to

belittle him

as their greedy

lustful desires

overwhelming his

fragile inner child

come on boy

give us a smile

tiny fingers

against ice cold window

mother please do not go

as I am only five years old

if you go

who will protect me

from the monsters

the one who will

eat my flesh

the demons you created

will not let me rest

hand prints smeared

against his boyish frame

come on sonny

let us play a game

tyrants banging

on the door of

his youthful soul




losing consciousness

growing up old

wetting the bed

fearful release

hands crashing

painfully confused

school boy head

countless trips

in darken rooms

memories of nights

he was abused

by those who were

meant to care for him


it hurts


it punishes

doctrinaire stepfather

pillow of communicate

shut  up silly boy

no-one will believe thee

keep my secret

inside you brilliant mind

there it will remain

forever yours

eternally mine

be grateful for this

roof over your selfish head

tormented thoughts

wish he was dead

rebellion from the rip

old age of fifteen

children must be heard

children should be seen

bruises and blue marks

tattooed on young skin

should not be ignored

under nourished

under nurtured



held deep within

fragile mind

the games we play


they are wearing thin



run away

boys and girls

come out to play

not you sonny

you come with me

you are mine to keep

you will never be set free

time bombs ticking

numbing painful


lost boys

flying high

watch me mommy

as I reach the sky

feel so much hurt

not allowed to cry

tell me mommy

when will I die?

upon that day

in a moments haste

that last syringe

into red hot vein

this is bound

to stop the pain

divine intervention

self-fulfilling prophecy

a beautiful man

what a waste

for a very short time

you meant the world

to me.

MedusaMoon C2016


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