Bowie the King of her World

Bowie the King of her World


He would walk on stardust

surrounded by the

spiders from mars

he created life worth living

inside her confused adolescences

she was the girl

with the mousy brown hair

ostracised for being

reckless and alive

the lonely wild child

who refused to care

her dancefloor was a stage

only he found the words

the melody for her parade

on man look at the lost boys

wonder if they will ever know

they are all dressed up

with no significant place to go

of any real importance

hungry for pointless fame

newspapers creating falsehood

five years that is all we had

today, we feel so goddamn sad

Ziggy walked off life’s stage

he was a hero

more than one day

he was an era

he was an age

ageless talented superstar

David Bowie wherever you are

tonight, let’s dance

tell her was there life on mars

allow her take this final chance

the ask Jean Genie to arise

to applaud  for the rebel

rebel, her mascara smeared on

torn party dress

misspent youth

what a misunderstood mess

well there is a starman

waving from the sky

the one who blew her mind

a man who fell to earth

the guy who sold the world

David every time we remember you

we celebrate your life

the little girl

who never seemed to get it right

the one with the dyed blond hair

wishes you a peaceful night.

MedusaMoon c2016


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