Flight of the Dragonfly.

Dragonflies in flight

on misty mountains

the call of the wind

whistling amongst tree tops

dancing wildly to the

rhythm of his aching heart

blinded by the darkness

unable to see his shining

sun awakens each morn

sparrows singing

sweetly sung whispers

celebrating a new dawn

meaninglessness creeps in

he watches time fading

yellow daffodils

turn their heads towards

the brighter light

locked inside a confused mind

lighting blots crack

raging silver skies

splitting even the darkest night

still there is not enough light

tiny rose buds

forcing their heads to appear

death has more meaning

he welcomes the riper

for it is his somnolent life

that holds more fear

misunderstood desire

to end a youthful life

hurricanes racing past

tearing up everything

held within his second sight

sat in his corner

with tremendous loneliness

staring at blank faces

punishing glances

rain storms shouting

hear me I am crying

inside he controls his dragons

neatly placed

in order of importance

touch me I am dying

outside the monsters

diminish his demise

reckless comments

add to his self- loathing despise

caterpillars fighting

black crows

in order to survive

butterflies are born

one day in flight

his beauty has lost

its shinning spark

within hopeful eyes

one day in paradise

a solitary butterfly dies

freedom from a lifetime

contained within a darkness

profound waters run deep

waterfalls create chaos

winter calls

all creates go to sleep

Ave Maria

stuck on repeat

foxes running wild

one last deserted street

distorted reality

who is he meant to be

tyrants unable to see

his brokenness

cold waters

crushing sea

against hard cold rocks

wearing thin

please just stop

this hell within

his beautiful soul

lost in the woods

which way would he go

rainbow hold pots of gold

delusional fairy tales

his young life

felt so very old

universal kindness

hear his cry

send him the world’s

loving compassion

prevent another attempt

at his skilful wish

his need to say goodbye

his merciless act

a need to die.


MedusaMoon c2016


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