Miners Touch

Burrowing deeply

below the earth

he sought diamonds



unable to see

just how much

love was truly worth

crawling underneath

the cold hard crust

searching for the jewel

a stone to behold

the treasure of the Nile

his hunger unquenchable

did he not notice

her tender loving smile

his riches grew

collectors’ items

another first edition



money filling

his emptiness

failing to show her

any much needed attention

blinded by the spark

of red rubies


a million

tiny precious stones

lighting the intense dark


he would hide

she sat alone in silence

devoted to a man

obsessed by fool’s gold

consumed by idiot’s pride

rubbing his rarest moonstone

admiring his newly obtained

rose quartz

whilst she felt so unloved

left to struggle

on her own

he would boast

he owned the scarcest sapphire

the oldest tiger’s eye

slowing the light in her heart

began to fade

each lonely moment

the shine in her beautiful

topaz blue eyes

started to die

from her swanlike neck

she torn the necklace

the sound of each pearl

onto the coral floor

she felt so out of place

her beauty was not a gem

bitter realisation

her heart was not for him

she walked

into the snow fall

her bare feet leaving a trail

awoken by the wolves’ call

hunger reached starvation

ice storms arose

she fell into the deep snow

it was warmer

than his bitter-cold soul

tears formulated within

her diamond eyes

icicles rolled down

her ruby cheeks

frozen to the bone

her pearl white skin

once delicate

red raw painfulness

to match the feelings

she kept in her

treasure box

corresponding with

the loneliness

death became the maiden

blinded by the light

unbeknown to him

his most precious jewel

had taken flight

where do angels go

when they die

they become the diamonds

in starry, starry sky.


MedusaMoon c2016



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