Rapunzel’s Red Hair

An idealisation of whom

she was meant to be

cosmetic surgery

reconstruction of her

natural simplicity

sense of self starvation

wearying frightfully thin

fragmentation of inner being

attention sought inside

the industry of pornography

acts of violence

criminally obscene

repulsive Rapunzel

let down your red hair

sell me your worth

while I pay you to care

remain lock in a tower

blocks against a polluted sky

matches the toxicity

held within your lungs

whilst you keep getting high

to avoid the painfulness

of your life’s choice

your destiny

farfetched truth from

this princess’ reality

the King with his iron fist

controlling brutality

has you trapped

bird in a cage

he shows you benevolence

you show him cash

arrive home penniless

dire consequences

his unsuppressed rage

surely this child

is seemingly underage

behold a savour

those men in uniform

red lights flashing

as they inhumanly arrest

little girl blue

dogmatic words shouted

unnecessarily cruel

locked in a cell

only one night

a haven compare

to the relentless fight

survival of the fittest


it takes the living dead

to endure the hell

memories held inside

aching, sore head

ghost of a little girl

beautiful locks of red

neon signs

crackle against another

pointless, meaningless dawn

shivering inside

cold turkey

early morn

desperation to remain high

escapism for reality

watch the living dead fly

they do not exist

turn another blind eye

why should we care

if another prostitute must die

newspaper do not print

sex trafficking

child prostitution

sex trade

cause and effect

no substance or solution

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

cut your red locks

let men fall from great heights

run away from the docks

mirror, mirror in the sky

tiny dew drops

question why

do fallen flowers

turn their heads away

from the sun

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

get up and run

a pimp stood behind you

holding a loaded gun

a silent scream

wailing out into the night

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

just turned out her light.


MedusaMoon c2016



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