Farey Tales of Brutality

Stick and stones

breaks tiny bones

brutal violence

alarms me

verbal abuse

internalise scars

dogmatic words

really do harm me

Humpty dump child

he was a wall

to fend off daddy’s violence

protecting mother

great strength, so small

collecting bruises

with each brutal fall

never understood kindness

Little Jill Horner

left sat in a corner

force-fed over backed

three day old pigeon pie

countless trips to A&E

too resilient

to breakdown and cry

Mary had the purest heart

her hair was white as snow

Mary had experience things

little girls should never know

under developed

over abused

Mary body constantly

unacceptability used

no-one notices

blue bruises

another unexplained

red mark

no-one questions

why she is so afraid

of the dark

Monday’s child

wears scars on her face

Tuesday’s child

felt so out of place

Wednesday’s child

received the violence

he was given

Thursday’s child

learnt how to just give in

Friday’s child

so full of sadness and woe

Saturday’s child

has no place to go

Sunday’s child

never made it past four

how many times can he

walk into a door?

three small children

see how they run

faster, faster

as quick as you can

drunken daddy

holds a gun

old mother haggard

went to the local pub

leaving five children alone

went she arrive back

in a chromicised state

she broke each tiny little bone

there was a young woman

her depression was blue

she had so many children

she did not know what to do

late at night

she would place them in bed

off she would steal

to paint the town red

reality’s brutality

the truth we must hide

children who suffer

hold everything inside

abuse is an elephant

sat inside a class war

we wave children goodbye

whilst closing the open door

please do not remain silent

child abuse is against the law

children need us all

to pay closer attention

to the blank, vacant stare

adult should be more responsible

children should not

have to be taken into care.


MedusaMoon c2016


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