Drama Queen

She wore a melancholic smile

had the boys eating

out of her hand

a rose petal lip

curling outwardly

as she would flash

her infamous sexy pout

as they queued

to watch

her strip

a magnificent first

boy’z night out

dancing to the tune

of a big brass band

sat on his lap

money slipped into her

freshly silken hand

her tobacco coloured hair

swaying to a glitter ball

her beautifully vacant stare

swimming around the dance hall

that woman could eat

men alive

those who got out alive

always came running back

for more

the girl was a classy dancer

no-one dared to call

that girl a whore

denial fell gently

on those ears

wore by gentlemen

who would dance with her

right through the night

at dawn they were creep out

shame ridden

trying to remain

out of sight

back to their

ordinary wives

back to their

complicated lives.


MedusaMoon c2016


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