The Man Who Stole Her Soul

Finally cracked

fragmentations of my sanity

deeper, deeper

wildest rivers waltzing

in simplistic harmony

stood on a hill

outward glances

inwards stares

tower block mountains

crumbling at my knees

wandering aimlessly

stark cold defeat

I fell at his feet

on a familiar street

oi buddy

you alright?

oi buddy

are you ill?

forget your mental illness

here is a brand new

super designer pill

don’t worry baby

mommy still cares

just do not cry

in public

at last

I am a

mental health diagnose

now you have been

placed inside an neatly

contained box

f**k me, no-one noticed

I am wearing odd socks

so I disappoint you

guess what?

I disappoint me

I am an alcoholic

what did you expect of me?

to grow up so perfectly

with nothing obscure to hide

a penny, a pound

the useless cost

of my suppressed grandiose

debauched drunken pride

take away all meaning

watch me

as I die inside

every corner

I must escaped

when is sexually abuse

not considered

to be violent rape?

still no-where safe to hide

pint of newly painted

rationality surrounds

my irrationality

I need to hide this pain


it has a skill

it wants to avoid me

who am I trying to be

if I be what they expect

maybe I will no longer

be treated as just

a sexually exploited pet

tell me honestly

does anyone care

I can never wash the stink

I carry inside

my bleach blond hair

numbness is all I am

please direct me

tell me how much longer

do I have to wander

in this snow

storming moments

my disguise

no one hears

the lost child’s cry

abandoned flowers

upon the grave

another empty hole

another lost soul dies.


MedusaMoon c2016


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