Internalised silence

personalised violence

deconstruction of inner hell

yes, she is doing very well

can you not tell?

she is falling down

what truth lies behind her frown?

broken egg shells on the ground

tiny pieces hold no sound

fragmentations of his anger

warning, warning

she is in stark danger

blue morning

who is the stranger

hiding inside her bed

this man who sees red

at the mention of her name

snakes and ladders remain

another psychological game

suppressing her shame

deeper, deeper

the gate keeper

the grim reaper

are they the same?

as the monster outside

who diminished her pride

which part of her died

to survive her worthless life

keep out of sight

shadows in the night

white lies, take flight

broken bones, passionate fight

tip toes exit creeping along cold floor

banged my head against the door

she must have begged for more

confusion makes less sense

happy families pretence

normality obscurely distorted

happiness aborted

painful reality

not how love was meant to be

what will people say

if she walked away

her underworld realism

modern day prison

out of reach, the key

prison keepers run free

relationship dynamics complexity

ring a ring a Rosie

pocket full of posies

he will break you

he will break you

you must fall down.


cMedusaMoon 2016


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