Recovery Soldiers


An honourable, challenging task

helping others along their path

surrendering one’s free time

to encourage those who hold a past

one that is so similar to mine

informing them of my discovery

the difficult road I walked

a long journey, into my recovery

shared experience aids the removal

of the enormity of shame

step by step assistance

seems to be the most helpful way

out of this addictive game

as we learn, I cannot do it on my own

we need likeminded people to support us

so we do not need to face abstinence alone

it takes courage listen openly to another

to be non-judgemental and empathic

eagerly willing support each other

through the cravings, lapses

when those white-knuckle urges that appear

what I leant was it was in those moments

I really needed somebody to be near

someone to ride those stormy seconds

when we feel that we had enough

someone to be kind and caring

but to be equally honest, open and tough

this is a reflection of what is needed

to endure a solid sobriety

to gain a life worth living

those are the skills that helped me

now my role is to handback

to help those struggling along the way

we will keep fighting our addiction

all us brave hearts battling

we can do it, just for today!


MedusaMoon c2016


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