Multi-coloured Rainbow



we are so fragile

we create concepts

and belief systems

to give us meaning and purposefulness

so we can keep our lustful desires alive

to justify our distorted behaviours

manipulate and control others

then we start wars

as we feel threatened if those

very fickle thoughts and fantasies

are challenged

our existential roots are shaken

to the very core

our very core


inside that very core

lies all meaning

all understanding

a knowing

we hold the answers within

yet we seek outwardly

we seek concepts





to answers questions

no-one truly knows

yet everyone has forgotten

how beautifully ironic

is this thing called


we all have a life

it belongs to each individual

so why would we want to create

a life that is the same

as another person’s life?

when we are all granted

with the gift of uniqueness

the art of self-creation

the ability to find the answers

whilst in deep contemplation

if we could only respect

all other concepts and beliefs

whilst still holding onto our

thoughts and feelings

will we find peace?

let your intuition

show you the right path

the one that resonates

with how you see your world

the human in me

sees the human in you

as we all struggle to make sense

of this life

we feel the same feelings

think similar thoughts

breath the same air

let out one last breath

before we become enlightened

maybe if we stopped fighting

our corner with such dogmatic stances

we would see the world

in technicolour

rather than the black and white

colours of oppression



right and wrong

the children

of this universe

are the multi-coloured rainbow

needed to bridge

the divide

to join the many colours

in perfect harmony

that is the life I want

that is the world I dream of

a universal rainbow

full of love and bright multi-coloured lights.


MedusaMoon c 2016


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