CyberCity – Love for Sale!

Big girls

we know what it

feels like to be

made to feel

so small

he flicks through


pretty photos

on this electric


countless cardboard cutouts

he attacks

you have mail

her fragile ego


hey chick

you look hot

fancy a date


she gets into

a neurotic state

he seems so cool

forget about his background

or where he went to school

her broken heart

start racing

she leaps from her chair

the room

she starts pacing

she wonders

what does he see in me

was it my lushes brown eyes

my crooked smile

my golden blond hair

she hopes he has notice

that she has been around

for quite a while

her petals

are much older

her skin

not as tight

the messages arrive

fast and furious

morning though evening

right into the night

she goes online

deciding what dress to buy

she walks around

in a haze

she feels emotionally high

the night arrives

she spends hours

getting ready for her date

sat waiting

in the restaurant

while he is unfashionably late

he stats his stuff

over to where she is sat

hey chick

you are pretty

but in your picture

you are not as fat

hang out with me

I will treat you

as my doormat

I will introduce you

to my mates

as long as you loose

your baby fat

vulgar displays

of egotistical power

hey sweetheart

you were just not

my type

I expected a rose

not a dull wallflower

you going to stand there

you going to insult me

tell me

you the devil

do you think you are

hey waiter

bill please

and can you kindly

arrange to fetch my car

she arose

head held high

man that chick

she has such style

everyone in earshot

began to clap

the waiter whispered

inside his burning ear

I think you better leave now

we do not serve

your type in here!


MedusaMoon C2016


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