How to Mend a Heart!

How to Mend a Heart!


She felt

the rawness of

that broken heart

watching him

take his leave


nearly ripped her apart

how many more times

would she need to grieve

she wanted to stop

this inner torture

please make this

hurt just go away

hours spent

recalling moments

what she did

what she should have done

what he did not do

what he did not say

plotting revenge

oh woman scorn

analysing a hundred tragedies

morning to night

night into morn

rewriting scenes

justifying catastrophes

energies wasted

emotional hours spent

I swear that girl

she was hell bent

as her ego festered

dogmatic melodies

he just not into me

patience truly tested

he is just not into me

radical acceptance

demons running wild

self-righteous indignation

she was too blind to see

cleverly constructed

classic romantic story book

fairy tales idealism

one sexual refusal

that was all it took

the smart move

from seemingly

unconditional love

to self-preservation

bright lights

blue mornings

freezing cold

train station

hit by a freight train

continuation down

a dead-end track

will only drive

that girl insane

the starkness of truth

enlightened moment

divine intervention

meaningless prove


upon the next wave

of pain stricken emotion

she decided to swim

surfing her ocean

to sway with the flow

embrace the hurt

feel it, let it go

a watchful stance

avoiding the drama

she started to dance

recognising her karma

human suffering

overwhelming humanity


time to set this free


no-one belongs to me


what will be

will surely be!


MedusaMoon c2016


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