Good Enough for Who!

Hey chick

get over it

can you not see

we are done

how many

times must

I tell you

you were just

not the one

your cooking

was mediocre

in fact

it was really plain

the way you use

to feed me

well it drove

me slightly insane

you put notes

in my lunch box

well they

must have slipped

out of the bag

when I threw

my lunch away

stop shouting

you remind me

of an old hag

do not talk

about my past

I do not need

your empathy

all this personal


well, it just

was not my

cup of tea

I want to hang

out with the gang

chatter about

manly stuff

who wants to be

a new man

check me out

I am proper tough

all the sentimental

nonsense is really

annoying me

I am a realist

forward thinking

we cannot

control our destiny

so get over it

call your mother

ask her if you

can come to stay

whatever you do

just keep

out of my way

but leave me

a forwarding number

so I can keep you

on the side

so if I ever

end up lonely

you can sooth

my humble pride!


MedusaMoon c2016


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