How Good is Enough?

So tell me

she cried

which parts

of me




good enough

for you?

my smile

every time

you walked

into the room

the countless


I made

with tenderness

the foods you loved

how I listened

to your past

without judgement

when I sat

on your lap

as we laughed

as we cried

the way

I would jump

onto the bed

in the morning

waking you

with a giggle

a hug

or how I allowed

your cold feet

to embrace mine

as we slept


the hot coffee

left at your bedside

every cold morning

the note

in your lunch box

that read

I am sorry

the way I held you

when the world

seemed so cruel

power naps

on late

sunny afternoon

funny faces

silly texting

how I remembered

your favourite colour

well chosen

birthday presents

carefully planned



trips away

holding hands

whist walking

in silence

knowing glances

painful endings

angry outbursts

followed by

carefully constructed


hurtful disagreements

sorrowful remorse

so tell me

which part of me


did not

love you



MedusaMoon C 2016


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