Ruby Giant

Ruby Giant

sat frozen within

the icy snow

the stiffness

the rigidity

thus prevent

her nature flow

help me

I am stuck

no longer

do I grow

the restrictions

these restraints

they are all

that I have come

to know

once I started

as a seed

such potential

a quality breed



sending solid roots

thus burrowing into

the hardest earth

an innate knowing

how to be

my survival ingrained

look at me

pretty flower

busting through

the solid ground

colourful and bright

but with no-body around

how will I know

when I get it right

surrounded by sunshine

such brilliant light

opening up

during each day

closing down

every stormy night

for it was the sun

with all its spender

sun taught me

how to be tender

when to fight

when to surrender

I named her hope

she would always

shine on me

those longer days

when I could not cope

all those weeds

alongside that one

spiteful flower

would taunt and tease

I would hand them

all my flower-power

they drained the water

as the earth would dry

no compassion

no remorse

they would sit

and watch her die

countless buckets

of tears she would cry

what is wrong?

remarked the

newly born butterfly

I have no wings

so I will never

be free

I feel so stuck

there is a world

I need to see

I wish I was a bird

butterfly or bee

I want to be


except for me

no pretty flower

you gifts are so much

greater than mine

you are mastic

your colours are divine

you have the ability

to be reborn

every season

every year

every new morn

I have twenty-four hours

that is all creation

gave to me

I am restricted

you are totally free

so tell me butterfly

how come you are at peace

with your given choice

why not speak out

creation gave you a voice

oh pretty flower

it is all part of destiny

sometimes we search for truth

with eyes too blinded to see

embrace your simplicity

if it were not for you

I could not feed

I then spread your pollen

so other insects  eat

other plants can breed

be patience

melt the ego

surrounding you

as it has you frozen

go inwardly

as we are all one

you hold the same energy

as that there moon

stars and sun.


MedusaMoon c2016



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