Obsessive Lifestyle for Sale!


As she grasped

her new obsession


with great intention

another meaningless


from her emptiness

the hours spent

sat on her own

shadows dancing on wall

apartment blocks

the twilight zone

staring blankly

at her newly purchased

mobile phone

too frightened to go out

far too fearful

to stay at home alone

she lines up

her broken promises

in neatly placed

systematic rows

right alongside

the countless knocks


regrets, remorse

violent, sadist blows

she throws

her monsters in

cardboard crates

the few she loves

the many she hates

love for sale

soul to rent

hung upon a rail

slightly twisted

completely bent

this woman is

growing old

her heart

bitterly burnt out

deadly ice cold

she watches

her misfortune

piled up on the edge

of her distorted reality

she stares at the saviour

the man who was meant

to set her free


who can he be

surely not the one

who married me

she casts her misplaced anger

at this other being

if it was not for you

think of all the places

I could have seen

stuck in a rut

extremely overweight

comfort eating

too much on my plate

feed me

so very lonely

food became her

favourite foe

feed me

so very hollow

lost without hope

no-where to go

on-line shopping

fills a void

buy a new dress

every time you feel annoyed

throw away gadgets

piles of pointless purchases

momentary satisfaction

wrapped around

fragile wounds

substitution affection

cyber consummation

plastic consumerism

pointless solution

controlled by life

politician’s  solution

propaganda pollution

monkey are never

allow to be set free

as I watch the death

of the monkey

in me.


MedusaMoon c2016



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