Dragon Warrior and the Wizard King

If one listened carefully

the winds that blow

through the depths

of the Valley of DarkVarte

it has been written

that one would hear

this sage

that is





WildFlower lay hidden, underneath the overgrowth of thorn bushes and discarded Goala leaves that fell off huge Hognor trees growing close by.  These ancient Hognor trees were superannuated trees whose sole purpose was shelter, as they had outgrown their own usefulness of providing fruit.  Those watery lemony Goala balls that were sought after by the Olga tribe residing in the Valley Olgwana about 1000 lightshines away.


Trees with no purpose

a valley consumed by darkness

a young woman seeking meaning

the beginning


the end

meeting by chance

as a tale unfolds.


WildFlower had sought shelter from the storm of Pendaler and these bold and sturdy Hognor trees had welcomed her into the deep dark valley and provided a home for the past three years.  The three years laid in complete darkness had taken its toll, as the blackness was creeping into her heart, which was now surrounded by darkness, it was as if vines were intertwined, crashing every breath she stole, and causing a sharp pain deep inside her soul.  The coldness of her chosen isolation was taking its toll, and as she sat in deep contemplation waiting for the call, she pondered the path that lay before her.  WildFlower was enslaved by a world without a soul.  Her clan had watched the rise of DarkVarte and his evil merry men, the world waited for the rise of a hero. The universe waited for the one who would lead them back into a time of lightshines to counterbalance the darkbeams that had been cast over the lands by DarkVarte.


When he stole the world.



WildFlower placed her weary head onto a log to listen to the call of the wild but the sound of silence was placed heavy upon her brow. She drifted into the realms of daywalking, which was the sphere of outer obit, the place where tales are written and hope was weaved into the silken treads of time. Drifting deeper into timeless motion, sinking, falling into the deepest abyss, silence screams could be heard by lost Saffroniar maidens, voiceless damsels in distress suspended in time. The hopelessness that was lost, the hope that could no longer serve a purpose, lost hope just hanging around.


Suddenly, she was hanging upside down suspended in motionless space.  With his fierce fiery voice the Dragon spoke:

“Rise WildFlower

you are a chosen one

rise WildFlower

there are battles to be lost

but wars to be won

hidden  too long

away from the sun

rise WildFlower

your mission has begun”.

She bolted awake, as the Dragon’s exhaled last breath, she feared the forceful fire would extinguish her, but it stopped, right in front of her Ajna. Open. See. Know.

WildFlower arose, shook off the Goala leaves, she bowed to greet the Hognor trees for their shelter and informed them she was ready.  A very ancient Hognor tree made his way through to where WildFlower stood, brazen, ready to fly.

He bent down and whispered inside her ear:

“There is a Wizard King, he waits for you”.

“Find him,

he holds the key

but first you have to travel to CasGowner

there you till meet the Salamanca,

she has a map”.

“Go now, tell no-one of your mission, use your gifts they will serve you”.

With that last remark he stood tall and shook his branches until he uprooted himself.  His mission was now complete, he had lived many a dayshine, experienced timeless darkbeams, and he was weary, he had held this mission and it had cost him many an astriophere.  He had fought the hungry ghosts who sought the book of life, alongside those who wanted to know the meaning of all existence for power and control.  The thirsty wells of pointlessness seeking fulfilment, the lost meaningless forces that sought completion, they had all sought him out to find the key. He had just met her and she shone brighter than the Sapphires that lit up the green skies. He smiles as he fell to the ground with an enormous crash. An echo ran through the Realms of all time, this was the sound the world had waited for since the birth of all time, for this was the sound of all hope. What a power noise it made.

“What gifts?” thought WildFlower

“I do not recall receiving………”


A hissing sound pieced WildFlower thoughts mid-sentence, she was startled by the sudden interruption.

“Huh” was all she could mutter

“Psssss, over here” the hissing sound directed

Wildflower wandered over to where the sound had been heard somewhere deep within the brambles, thorns and overgrowth. She came in direct contact with this tiny lizard-type-thing, who was slimy and scaly and had darting eyes that were able to notice every movement within a dayshine range.

“I know who you are little beasty” “I was watching you” he bellowed and his breath was a think green acidy stink that killed any vegeration in its path.

“Ugh, that is creepy, why were you watching me?” said an alarmed Wildflower

“To steal you secrets, borrow your darkmoods and destroy all daystarlets you may hold” he could hardly contain his wicked laugher.

“Well, I do not have any, so I have nothing to steal” announced a proud and rather innocent WildFlower

“Oh beasty, beasty, beasty” he tutted

“Why they chose a child?” he looked through her as if he could read her Orb.

“You have no idea do you?” he said after reading her for a moment.

An Orb is the imprint that each creator receives at completion which will be the trueprint of their destiny.  No many creators were skilled or talented enough to read Orbs but NixRoath, he was an outcast, his was a student to DarkVarte before he lost DarkVarte’s favour.  Their relationship dynamic was the old classic tale of master and servant, proof that as long as creators lived in the world, there will be a fight for power and control. So NixRoath’s gifts were plenty but he needed WildFlower for personal gain, as he knew that she was the one to set the world to rights.  She was the key, the key to his freedom to walk in the dayshine and not be imprisoned by the darkness of DarkVarte.  Do not get him wrong, he had no intention of remorse or to seek forgiveness, no, no, no, he wanted to rule the world. Well of course he did, this may be a new saga but it is by far not an old tale!

“Where are you heading beasty?” he spouted

“Why?” proclaimed WildFlower, giving his a disconcerting stare.

“Let me be your guide, you will not even need to pay me!” he cunningly tried to manipulate her.

WildFlower had the softest Orb and so she said he could walk with her to CasGowner.  He tried to enquire as to why she was travelling to CasGowner but she was not going to give away her secrets, as he had just stated he was there to steal them from her.  As they headed out towards the edge of the Valley of DarkVarte he asked if he could travel under her cloak, as the dayshines would burn his skin. Her kindness and compassion outshine most Orbs and so she lifted him onto her right hand side and hid him under her collar. The stillness of the think auro was chocking them as they stumbled in the dark fighting their way out.

Far beyond all astriopheres the EiDoLons were watching the saga as it was unfolding.  EiDoLa were content with this strange meeting between WildFlower and NixRoath, as she foresaw a greater daystarlet but the EiDoLons were concerned.


WildFlower suddenly bolted, whilst NixRoath hid away under her collar, both uncertain how to respond to this strange sound which neither could recognise.


A sound bellowed from behind a huge Hognor tree, the crackling of Goala leaves rattled loudly as an approaching object moved closer to where they stood rigid with anticipation.  WildFlower used her Anahata to sense if this rapidly approaching ‘thing’ was either friend or foe.

WildFlower was the most gifted creator in the world; she had abilities that only the EiDoLons held. Her purity shone bright and her softness could be felt by those who came into contact with her. She was unaware that she was so gifted and thought that the abilities she held were felt by all creators.  Even her tribe of Dragon Warriors were unaware of the full extent of her gifts but they knew she was the chosen one. For it had been written in all time that a day will come when a heroine will walk the ether and change the darkness into light.

Stood before WildFlower was the most beautiful creator she had ever seen.  He had a mane of long black hair and his flesh was soft as silk. His eyes were big, and deep inside you could see tunnels and tunnels of timelessness. As he moved closer, WildFlower stood brazen trying not to show her fear. He kneeled down on his forelegs and spoke to WildFlower who could suddenly understand the noises he was making. His breath was sweet and welcoming, WildFlower climbed onto his back and with that her galloped forward towards the edge of the Valley of DarkVarte.

“My name is Stallionie” he mused

“I have been order to carry you to the Valley of CasGower”.  “Who is the creator you have hidden?”

NixRoath was a shiftshaker and so he changed into a Neon, which meant his true self was disguised and as a Neon, he had no essence so could not be predicted.

“His name is NixRoath and he is going to show me to CasGower, he is a creator and not a DarkVare”.

Everyone knew that the DarkVare were not to be trusted but if you have an imprint of a creator, then you can be trusted to keep you honour. NixRoath was the bastard nameless child of DarkVarte when he had stolen EiDoLa greatest creator and bore a child with her.  It was a brutal ownership, as she was not predicted to bear a child with him.  EiDoLa painfully ensured that she died at the birth of NixRoath so that she would not have to bear the pain of this evil king. From that day forward they say that EiDoLa’s Anahata lost its light, and the grief she felt could be heard over the astriopheres of all time. A song that holds an eternal sadness! This is how WildFlower was created; she was the final tear that fell from EiDoLa’s Anahata.  EiDoLa lost all her hope that day and the tiny drop of hope that fell into the ether was caught by her delicate hand and she created WildFlower.  The hope of the world! She could no longer hold the burden as her Anahata died that dayshine.

As the trio headed towards to edge of the Valley of DarkVarte, the abandoned place where nothing grew anymore, everything was there just dying, rotting and becoming a nothingness. The auro seemed to clear more rapidly and WildFlower could smell freshness in the distant.  She had almost forgotten the smell of fresh auro, as she had been dancing in the ether for the past three years. Whilst in this trancelike state, she was unaware of time and space, therefore she was uncertain how many astriopheres had past.

Many astriopheres ago the Valley DarkVarte belonged to the UsherBow creators and they were the most gifted creators in the world and could heal.  UsherVille was a beautiful Valley and there was an abundance of everything the world needed.  The UsherBow were the notorious for the rainbows that were erected out of their Shasraras and the myth foretold that there were in direct contact with EiDoLa.  It was as if they had telephone wires attached to the top of their heads and had a hot line to the Gods. They were the chosen ones and sent to the world to create compassion and loving kindness and held the greatest magic of the world.  If any creator was to meet an UsherBow, they say that the shine remains with them and they may just have their Shasrara opened, if an UsherBow was to bless them with the shine.  Once the Shasrara was opened then it was believed that a creator would have a direct connection with EiDoLa. Creators from all around the world would travel many astriopheres to seek out the shine and those whom needed healing would come to UsherVille. No creator was ever turned away, as the UsherBow creators were of the purest shine.

It was only a matter of astriopheres before DarkVarte heard of the UsherBows and he decided to take over UsherVille and steal the shine. He had a deeper rooted ambition to capturing UsherVille, he wanted direct contact with EiDoLa. He wanted to barter for another wife. The myth he holds was that he found the shine when he brutalised EiDia, as she was the direct blood line of EiDoLa and held the most magnificent shine.  But before we start to think this is one of those love stories about good changing evil, do not!  DarkVarte did not care for other creators, oh no, he wanted the shine as to him it was a drug, an obsession.  Furthermore, he thought that by consuming the shine he would become greater than EiDoLa and take over the world.



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