My name is fear

I resided deep inside

sitting right next to hate

but a good distance from pride

I roar a sinister tune

I am capable of crushing all hope

then sadistically watch

as you desperately struggle to cope

I am so powerful

I make strength shiver

I jump on top of courage

I watch her cowardly slither

I am capable of drumming

up the most ferocious dread

I can provoke rage

as she climbs inside

your confused head

I will entice control

I can manipulate power

I enjoy watching optimism diminished

as she turns bitterly sour

I work alongside shame

as he is the most powerful emotion

he will cripple you

with one wicked glance

when we work together

guess what?

you do not stand a chance

we may let you play with joy

for a day or maybe two

the moment you feeling confident

we will sweep down onto you

we will steal away all happiness

bringing misery along

we will dance around your mind

till every essence of love has gone

we are great mates with you ego

as we play you

such a fool

calculating and cunning

insensitive and extremely cruel

my name is fear

I am your greatest doubt

the only way to destroy me

open you heart

push me out!


MedusaMoon c2016



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