Dante’s Inferno

Our Prophets

they spoke of this time

thus stood before us

the dawning of an inferno

fear holds a capacity to blinds us

cast the ramblings of a mad woman aside

she is contagious

her madness may spill out

onto rocky ground

fear not this voice

for it does not speak

it screams

it holds a force of all

the injustice it has seen

it holds the grief of a mother

whose child just died

in her bloody arms

it holds the starvation

of the children

dying on the streets

it hold the fear

of abused woman and men

living a nightmare’s existence

it hold the pain

of a child

watching a parent die of aids

it hold the hopelessness

of homelessness

it holds the struggle

of the children

working underage

it hold the confusion

of the young girl

dying as a sex slave

it holds the anxiety

of a little boy

desperately wanting

to be brave

it holds the agony

of a father

whose daughter died

with a needle in her arm

it holds the self-loathing

of a bully

inflicting serious harm

hast man created the devil

as a trick of the mind

a scapegoat to excuse

his monstrously crimes

to justify totalitarianism

as they rip our world apart

the devil make me do it

my denial

my purest art

the corruption of man

his eleven deadly sins

on the right hand

it states

you will be punished

on the left

we will make you a king

then we will all praise you

for your ambition





we will all aspire

to be just like you

as we dig Kimberley’s hole

we will create indoctrinated armies

to march against another man

will we justify disorder

as part of God’s greater plan

pull exploitation over our eyes

with these distractions

they disguise

as success





we make fantastic players

yes, monopoly is my game



hope she hold great doubt

she sits next to compassion

drinking from the drought

fear not says loving kindness

forgiveness has a plan

let us not forget love

for she is greater

than man!


MedusaMoon C2016


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