I had a dream

as I woke up

to a new dawning

the truth of my existence stood before me

the shadow of my darkness came

face-to-face with my internalised fear

I stood frozen


swilling around in an abyss

year after year after year

every cell in my body

had died

as I wondered the crust of this earth

in utter desperation


the living dead

the echo of my emptiness

a scream that woke

my destructiveness

a curse to feel

a urge to be real

I held a dream

but it was not a dream

it was a task

it was the responsibility

of each human being

to create a brighter world

but the darkness I foresaw

cast doubt inside my mind

faith had been destroyed

my humanity was blind

self-obsession was the core

they taught me well

narcissism pouring out

of every pore

an animalistic survivalist

distorted reality

illusion creates capitalism

a system built to drain

the essence of life

to abuse and use

profit and gain

medicated disposition

silence the insane

they may reveal

a truth


as their awakening unfolds

freedom cannot be controlled

therefore, kill it before it burns

holes inside the disillusion

I hold a dream

but to ensure

a dream

can be reached

I implore you

to open up you



do not walk

away from me

I have a dream

why do they insist on silencing me

acid rain

polluted rivers

why can we see

I have a dream

but who will share

this dream with me?


MedusaMoon c2016


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