Sunday Morning!

5 a.m.

on a Sunday morning

awaken from lucid dreaming

bolting into reality

someone is screaming

a hungry child

lays next to a desperate father

his 5 year old son

calls out for his mother

a stark reminder

separation enforcement

painful echo

of a silenced voice

hard to choose

when we have

no choice

ice-cold rain falls

from violent skies

a piecing wail

as another child dies

rock-hard ground

a makeshift bed

pool of water

swimming around his head

in the vague distance

fearful unbeknown

reluctant continuation

but no way home

starvation awaits

not even a crust of bread

children are hungry

no food to be fed

5 hours walking

into deeper hostility

disillusioned concept

the land of the free

a morbid truth

how many will survive?

macabre fact

no-one gets out alive

life should not contain

judgemental ignorance

who is there to blame

cognitive dissonance

a day in the life

of constant injustice

whilst we turn a blind eye

watching people matching

into a modern manmade abyss

how many heroes will it take?

to prove to us

the facts are fake

broken promises

drowning in the lake

of propaganda

a slimy poisonous snake

just bite me on the ass

the fat one I sit on

here on the greener grass

my privileged existence

would not allow

my throne to fall

oh let them bow

as I am topdog after all

when the fool on the hill

comes tumbling down

shattered disillusions

the diamonds in his crown

the cracked persona

reveals the twisted clown

hide inside glass houses

the reflection of the sun

is great for denial

as I wash my hands

of all that I have done

when the war is over

who has won?


MedusaMoon c2016


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