Modernism’s Divine Interventions

We are born

birth anxiety

neurosis innately hanging around

passed down through generations

constitutionally bound

we grow

in pastures artificially grown

breaking our backs

to pay for houses

we never fully own

whilst they fill our heads

God fearing fables

restricted education societies

dividing humanity

creating class wars

reach your full potential

depends where you were born

as we bang our heads

on the swinging class doors

closed to the likes of you

shut to the likes of me

if we fill your minds

with enough nonsensical disillusions

the wool

blocking the sun

prevents the visionary’s

capacity to see

institutionalise the manic insane


for profit and gain

no-one will remember her name

does that mean

she needs to beat them

at this violent  game

master and servant

slave to the machine

fill the void

with nicotine and caffeine

life’s pain unbearable

let them pump us

full of morphine

that will proof to us

that they really care

what happen to her innocence

pretty wild flowers in her hair

death anxiety

you are going to burn

inadequacy angst

they teach us

what we need to learn

stich up these sore eyes

the writing is on the wall

the fast we climb

the quicker they ensure

we fall

down onto rocky ground


do not make a sound

obedience is a must


we can trust

the final straw

broke the crust

outdated belief systems


intransigent rust

toxic dust

dysfunctional lust




an echo in the wild

the ascetical calling

defeated by nemesis

Venus is falling

in love with the moon

molecules and molecules

of stardust

swimming around the astral plane

neurosis and psychosis


from an inhuman

act of kindness

military meticulousness

marching into an abyss

fearless truth

is waterproof


misplaced youth

wings of justice


the Angel of darkness

mourns the light

the rolling tides

day into night

let’s hope to God

we get this right

before the soul

takes its final flight.


MedusaMoon c2016


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