Romantic Wander

On this day

I devote

my heart

to you

as I stand

by your side

with a promise

to be true

as I support you

at those crazy times

alongside those days

when you are feeling

a pale shade

of blue

to be a

morning star

on each frosty morn

the strength you need

to march on

the encouragement

needed to

help you along

a sunrise on each

frozen dawn

the bird song

that whispers

in the howling wind

the wind caught

within a ships sail

the storm of

passion that

spark within

the fires of my heart

will burn

with devotion

shall not fail

a tear drop

of emotion

the rivers that runs

free until they

reach the ocean

may you be

greeted with compassion

every step of the way

as you battle through

each night

as you rise on

each new day

the thoughts of you

they linger close

to my heart

absence is a killer

the weeks

we spend apart

every conversation

your essence

a delight

I feel the space

beside me

the one you filled

many a night

bitter-sweet separation

increases piety

deconstructed infatuation

disassembled projected disillusion


what will be

will surely be

but as you sail

the seven seas

i hold a promise

a wish

that when you return

it will be

to be

with me.


MedusaMoon c2016


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