Sacred Skin

As she danced

gracefully by me

I saw her sacred satin skin

it was beautifully translucent

but the scars

were wearing thin

kris-crossed upon her entity

woven realms

of disowned pain

moments of disturbed madness

thus preventing

her from going insane

each scar

spoke to me

some would whisper

others would shout

many were laced

with low-self-esteem

other bore memoires

of loathsome self-doubt

plenty were extremely deep

as they bore

near to the bone

scars that would secrets keep

red raw ones stood out

all on their own

one scar would end

where another did start

all those lonely moments

sat nursing a broken heart

some held names

of all the bullies

filled with fear

occupying fright

as they help her

hide away

her shamefulness

cutting, cutting

every day

every night

scars became a suit of armour

as they wrapped around

her tiny frame

to keep her protected

from the constant

verbal abuse

violent torment

countless times

she was rejected

every mutilation

a memory untold

each disfigurement

countless years

hidden away

growing cold

beautiful girl

I saw your

sacred satin skin

but beyond

I saw your shine

in a split moment

I read your life

thank you

for you

had just enriched mine.


MedusaMoon c2016


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