The Nature of Trees


whilst out

just imagining things

wander amid

butterflies and bees

she started thinking

about the nature

of trees

the way they stood

so tall

every branch

stood on its own

but they all

met in the middle

so no-one need

to stand alone

each leaf

its own creation

every flower

a pretty face

they were all

slightly different

yet not one stood


no branch stood

in completion

not one twing

ran a rat’s race

a tree in all its entity

was dressed with

elegance and grace

then she ponder

a little more

how could tree

be so complete?

they will grow

on pastures green

or down any

lonely street

suddenly she noticed

that trees roots

are very strong

its trunk was all

so mighty

there was not right

there was not wrong

every tree

hang out together

gently swaying in harmony

they did not  fight

each other constantly

no, they were

just getting along


what will be

will surely be

how she wished

that the humans

she knew

so very well

could be very much

the same

no her silent

living hell

if they too

could have

the nature of trees

just for a while

maybe then

they will

remember her name

maybe she would

learn to smile.


MedusaMoon c2016


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