Letter to the next Generation!

To the youth of today

we have a few things to say

first of all

we are sorry

that we stole

your future away

as we forced you

into education systems

that told you

you were dumb

the moment you expressed

an emotion

we would attack you

forcing you to become

uncomfortably numb

because we could not

heal our own hurts

we dumbed it

onto your back

the moment you opened

your mouth to complain

you were met with

a self-righteous slap

we blamed you

for your learnt behaviour

not noticing you were

imitating what you saw

as long as we were brutal

behind the closed front door

children should be seen

and not heard

yes, that is outrageous

never heard anything

as absurd

we tried to formulate

your careers

on the hopes and dreams

we went and lost

then we forced you

to become a mini-me

regardless of the cost

we could not get along

with each other

all we would do was fight

we left you with a class-war

I sure hope your

generations sets things right

that you learn to live together

in perfect harmony

that you go on to create

the brightest world

you will ever see

how I wish

we had listen to you

when you questioned

everything we said

maybe then we would

too have learnt something

or at least made sense of all

the nonsense inside

out own head

it is the responsibility

of my generation

to put this  straight

to encourage the

next generation

to be nothing other

than GREAT.


MedusaMoon C2016


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