Daisy Chains

Why fight with me?

for is it I

whom threatens thee

with war




lack of human rights

no-where to exist

no humanity

look into my eyes

can you see my fear

surrounded by humans

who no longer

seem to care

these tears

roll down my face

alongside my dream

of a better place

hang a despondent head

down with its disgrace

can’t we see

our world is crying

feel the pain

so tired of trying

to explain

seen the planet

filling up with flames

we are running around

playing hunger games


before the song

remains the same


hang your coat

on top of its shame

it starts with me

cannot do it alone

it begins with thee

we cannot do it alone

daisy chains swinging

in the rain

hold my hand

we drift to a higher plain

I want to see

the sun arise

for another

millionth morning

let our children see

a better world

by creating a

new dawning

mushrooms circles


as I look at you

I see

you are as equally

as frightened as me

we just want to

be free

our worlds will be lost

once the take away

our ability to see


I will not give up

for we are stardust

the men with machines

all dressed in rust

we are all misguided

distorted trust

there is a rhythm

deep inside my heart

a new dimension

a brand new start

I hear an echo

resounded vibration

enlightened times

have just began

integration complete

we are all ONE!


MedusaMoon c2016


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