Now more

than ever


each one of us

human beings

need to become

the change we seek

the love we need

our Mother Earth

she is dying

as we abuse her

with the same discontent

we do for any

objectified ‘thing’

when did man

fall so far from grace

that he would treat

his fellow man

equally as lost

and broken

with such distaste

at times

I shudder at being human

I feel ashamed

for the way

I judge

the colour

of your skin

I want to hide

my distorted beliefs

created by narcissists

disguised as heroes

powerful men

who take pleasure

at war games

playing risk

with my vulnerability

where are the warriors

among such men

where are those

who stand out of the crowd

in protest

where are the men

who hold such honour

that they would not

see another man suffer?

I want to see a

new dawn

on a

bright day


blue skies

I want to chase




and watch


MedusaMoon c2016