Post-modernism Hangover


The dawning

of a new morn

the coming

of an age

emotionally disable

blame it on a

faulty developmental stage

the meaninglessness

of existence


bitter twisted fact

zero-contract hours

on the edge of

being sacked

for holding

school-boy ambition


how the might crawl

lies hidden

inside discretion


they build a

higher wall


is there an option?

call this freedom of choice

they promised us liberation

whilst they suffocate

the only voice

of reason

justice was arrested

for treason

chemical ashes to

chemical ashes

nuclear dust to

nuclear dust

fearful reality

atoms split nations

governments are built

on corruption and rust

extracurricular activities

indulgent lust

powerless victimization

breeds discontent

the iron fist

squeezes the essence

out of the innocent

who is seemly


on the righteousness

of man


how many broken men

does it take to build

an empire?

an empire built

on sand

shotgun greeting

‘get off my land’

oh how the weak


stood outside

a rebellion

one last lost cause

do we have the right

to violence

if hidden behind

close doors?


selling happiness

in different colours

impossible to resist

a design for life

fake copy of

the cycle of life

in its completion

is a gift

to behold

destiny resides inside

embrace the grace

of growing old

‘still I buy me

everything they sold’

if the television

is a mirror

of how life

should be

truth shakes her head

the blindness she does see

crash test dummies

pronounced dead

designer pills

stops the monkeys

living inside my dread

creating the problem

offering  the solution

timeless masters

choke on the pollution

time-bomb ticking

the last grain

of sand falls

hour glass cracks

please explain

why the design for life

that they create

feels broken, crashed,

pointless, powerless

and so full of hate?


MedusaMoon c2016