Broken world, broken me.

 Time spent criticising
Look inside this soul
If you wanted to
At a glance
Would I move you?
Why, it doesn’t move me
Don’t feel this anymore
Days spent holding on
God knows I’m not that strong
Gripping the edge of my reality
Means nothing to me
The right to crucify
Deny me my destiny
I shall not complain, anticipating,
Waiting for the sun to shine
Am I happy, are you happy
Am I lonely?
Can take anymore, who shall I turn to?
Who do you run to?
Everyone is wrapped up in self-pity
Self, self, self
Yes even me
Especially me
Reach out, hold another’s hand
Hug the broken heart I hold
The world so empty, people rushing by
No-one stops to see the little children cry
If I had the strength, I would hold the earth
Change the tide of the wildest sea
Take away all pain and misery
But how can I change the world
When I can’t even see me!

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